Questions You Should Ask Before Leasing a Car

Leasing a car is a substantial investment and is something that you should not do on impulse. It needs thorough planning and preparation to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money. To guide you, here are some questions that you should ask yourself or your advisor before you start your journey of leasing a car. 

1. Should I get the car I need or the car I want? 

When leasing a car, it is very easy to get carried away in choosing what car to lease. There are certain circumstances that might make you prioritise what's the most important. You may want to get a car that would make you look cool while driving the streets but you might need a vehicle that will fit all your kids to drop them off at school. For this situation, it is better to not put your desire as a priority before what is really beneficial for you and your family. 

2. What can I afford to pay? 

When thinking about leasing a car, you don’t just weigh your present financial situation. You have to look a few years forward and think about what you think will transpire in your life at that time. 

If you have considered this as a factor, you have to think about the car that you can afford to pay not only in the present but for the years to come. Car leasing will require you to pay monthly and continuously until the end of your car leasing contract.

3. Are there any car finance types that I can apply to? 

If you've already decided on the type of car that you want and you know that you can afford it, you now have to look for different types of car finance that will help you with your car lease. There are different types of leasing contract that can apply to you based on your requests and qualifications and you can choose either a short-term (6 months) or a long-term (2-3 years) lease. It is a must that you know and understand each type of car finance so that you won’t have any problems relating to it in the future. If you are still unsure, you may ask your advisor about this. 

4. Should I be completely honest? 

Yes. You have to be completely honest with all the information you put in the application. Falsifying information is considered fraud and may put you in an undesirable situation. For a smooth and transparent transaction, you need to be honest with the car leasing company that provides you with their service. 

Now that you know the questions that you have to ask yourself and your advisor, it is time to answer them. Once answered, you can now decide to look for a car leasing company and start your car lease. If you are open to the idea of leasing a car, find a leasing company that is perfect for your needs and see you as an important client. Sensible Cars is a car leasing & contract hire company both for business and personal hire. Our service is available nationwide with thousands of vehicles at very low prices. If you have any questions and/or clarifications you may call us at 02039152535 or send us a message at Our friendly team will be happy to assist and address any concerns that you have.

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