Preparing For Your Car's MOT

For many customers of Sensible Cars, the issue of an MOT is a nicely forgotten hassle. 

With drivers choosing a 24 month or 36 lease rental period, the issue of getting an MOT never arises. 

But what if your car is on a 48 month lease rental period? Or, you took advantage of a three month payment holiday on a 36 month rental to help your finances through the COVID-19 crisis? Then you should consider getting your car an MOT, because it will need one to maintain its road legality.

The MOT holiday

Of course, there is currently a ‘holiday’ for cars due an MOT. This was announced by the government in response to the COVID-19 lockdown, offering drivers a period of grace as MOT centres closed.

Vehicles are still eligible for the exemption until 31 July 2020, which means some cars may be on the road without a valid MOT certificate until January 2021.

As an example, if your MOT is due on 30 July 2020, you won’t need an MOT check until 30 January 2021. This applies to both MOT renewals and vehicles due their first MOT test during this period.

However, experts say it’s best not to delay getting your car’s MOT in place as soon as you can. That’s because there is likely to be increasing pressure on the number of available appointments as the backlog caused by the lockdown is cleared. That’s especially true now as all vehicles requiring an MOT after 01 August 2020 are ineligible for the exemption and must get the MOT renewed.

So MOT testing stations will be in high demand to accommodate both the backlog and those vehicles needing MOTs outside the exemption period.

Preparing your car for its MOT

According to TyreSafe, tyre defects account for a quarter of MOT failures. The tyre safety organisation believes that drivers are too complacent in maintaining the only safety critical component that keeps the vehicle in contact with the road. Under normal circumstances, evidence shows too many motorists wait for the annual test to have their tyres inspected rather than carrying out regular maintenance themselves.

Other causes of MOT failure include bulbs not working, not having a clear view of the road (windscreen wipers worn or no washer fluid in the bottle) or windscreen chips that impede the driver’s line of sight.

So these are areas you should check before you take your car in for its MOT.

What’s the cost of an MOT?

The maximum a garage can charge for an MOT is £54.85, but test centres can charge less at their discretion.

If your car fails its MOT the failures must be rectified. You can be fined up to £2,500, be banned from driving and get three penalty points for driving a vehicle that has failed its MOT. So it’s important to get your car repaired immediately.

If you need any help with your car, or you have any questions about a forthcoming MOT, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Sensible Cars. We’re here to make your car leasing experience as hassle-free as possible.