Land Rover Expands Range Rover Hybrid Models With New Mild Hybrid Diesels

The Range Rover, which celebrated its 50th birthday this year, is showing no signs of age as new technology is constantly adopted for the model.

Already the plug-in P400e model is the most efficient in the range, able to drive up to 26 miles in zero emission mode thanks to its electric motor and on-board lithium-ion battery. 

But now there are more hybrids joining the range to keep the Range Rover youthful, relevant and contemporary.

Land Rover has added 48v mild hybrid 3.0-litre straight-six Ingenium diesel engines to the Range Rover mix, promising smoother and more refined driving, and making them pass the most stringent Euro 6 emission standards, known as RDE2.

While that helps with local air quality you might also be wondering what it does for you. In simple terms it makes the engine more efficient by storing energy normally lost under deceleration, then re-using that energy when you accelerate. It means that the new mild-hybrid 3.0-litre D300 Ingenium diesel is able to return some 33.0mpg while the more powerful D350 can return up to 30.8mpg. 

So you keep more of your money in your pocket.

While the new Ingenium diesel will help local air quality, these latest Range Rovers also look after the interior air quality of your car, too, with a new air ionisation filter that prevents harmful particulates getting into the cabin - if you want the proper terminology it’s new Cabin Air Ionisation with PM2.5 from Nanoe. But that’s something a mouthful - better to just watch this Land Rover video to get a better understanding, if you want.

If the Range Rover is too elegant for you, and you prefer the more sporting appearance, then the Range Rover Sport models also get the same 48v mild hybrid technology.

Whichever Range Rover you want, we have some great Land Rover leasing deals for you to consider - and you can take part in celebrating the Range Rover turning 50!